The Day of Knowledge

On September 3, REEEC and the Urbana Free Library celebrated The Day of Knowledge with the  Urbana-Champaign community.  The celebration started with a brief explanation of the Day of Knowledge and the different traditions associated with it: bringing a bouquet of flowers to your teacher, dressing up, and taking part in The First Bell.  The First Bell signifies the start of the new school year.  A first grade girl is chosen to ring a bell while perched on the shoulders of a 12th grade boy,  officially starting the new school year.  After the explanation, the Russian Heritage School performed a special song and dance they prepared especially for the Day of Knowledge celebration.  The audience was invited to join in and learn the dance, called the Troika, when they danced a second time.   Over fifty people attended this event. They enjoyed making paper flowers for teachers, decorating bells and creating the white flowers that young Russian and Ukrainian girls wear in their hair as part of dressing up for their first day of school.

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