My Perestroika Event Update

The Art Theater in Downtown Champaign for the September 19, 2011 screening of "My Perestroika"

The September 19, 2011 screening of “My Perestroika” and discussion with filmmaker, Robin Hessman, was a great success. At the 4pm screening on campus, nearly 100 of our community members, faculty and students were in attendance for the event. Later that evening, the Art Theater in downtown Champaign (pictured left) hosted a screening and discussion for a sizable crowd as well.

If you missed the screening on campus or at the Art, the REEEC media library has a copy of the film available to borrow. To learn more about the film and other public screenings, please visit the film’s website:

Before her visit, Robin Hessman was featured on the Focus radio program on WILL. REEEC Associate Director, Alisha Kirchoff, was the guest host for the interview that took place on September 15, 2011. If you are interested in listening to the archived interview, it can be found here on the WILL website for streaming or download.

Everyone at REEEC is so thankful for Ms. Hessman’s visit and for the very positive reactions that we have received in response to the event. Thanks to everyone who attended the screenings and discussions!

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