New Online Database at the Slavic Reference Service on The Russian Empire and Soviet Union

The Slavic Reference Service (SRS), in collaboration a team of Research Associates of the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies led Dr. John H. Brown and Dr. Steven A. Grant, is now host to a searchable database version of The Russian Empire and Soviet Union: A Guide to Manuscripts and Archival Materials in the United States. This database enables researchers to view UIUC print holdings, digitized text of the guide (via the Library of Congress),and the searchable database in one place.

This database will be updated and maintained by the Slavic Reference Service. Researchers can explore archival depositories and collection highlights in the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska. According to the compilers, the scope of this database includes: “… public and private institutions, including university libraries and archives, public libraries, museums, ethnic organizations, church and business archives, federal and state governmental archives, and both public and private historical societies. Some collections owned by private individuals are also noted.” Moreover, the materials listed in the database include: “… correspondence, reports, organizational records, account books, essays, literary manuscripts, diaries, journals, memoirs, autobiographies, photographs, films, tape recordings, and graphic material. With the exception of certain mimeographed materials and rare clippings, nearly all printed matter has been excluded. Those seeking published books, periodicals, theses, and the like should refer to appropriate catalogs of library collections. However, unpublished facsimiles, photo reproductions, and microfilms of originals (even of originals subsequently published) have been taken to be archival materials in this guide. “ In terms of geographic coverage, the compilers have tried to include “all nationalities and regions” within the former Soviet Union. In the addition to the link above, researchers can directly access this database here.

SRS is funded in part by the Department of State Title VIII Grant Program. To find out more bout SRS and its offerings, please visit the SRS Website and Blog.

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