Award-winning Bulgarian Director Donates Films to the REEEC Multimedia Library

OvcharovBulgarian film-maker Svetoslav Ovcharov made a generous donation of two of his critically acclaimed films to the REEEC Multimedia Library – “A Farewell to Hemmingway” and “Voice Over”.  Ovcharov contributed the gift in the hope that the films would help American students and scholars learn more about Bulgarian culture and history. REEEC is extremely grateful to Professor Ovcharov for this significant gift.

Professor Ovcharov is a director and screenwriter who has worked on 25 films, as well as professor at the National Academy for Theater and Film Art (NATFA) in Bulgaria.

Ovcharov’s motion picture “A Farewell to Hemingway” is the recipient of numerous awards – the Special Jury Award and Best Director Award at the Bulgarian Film Festival “Golden Rose” in Varna, in October 2008; 7 nominations for the 2009 annual awards of the National Film Center – for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Camera Work, Best Actress, Best Sets, Best Composer; 2009 awards of the National Film Center for Best Director and Best Sets; the 2010

Last December, Ovacharov’s “Voice Over” became the talk of the 34th International Film Festival in Cairo, receiving the Best Director Award and the International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI Award.

The films will be available through REEEC Multimedia Library loan early next year.  The REEEC Multimedia Library is intended to assist university faculty and K-12 teachers who are interested in incorporating cinematic and other multimedia materials into their courses and studies. The Center’s policy is to provide access to its collection free of charge to the following: University of Illinois faculty, graduate students and registered student organizations, and K-12 instructors and university/college faculty across the United States. The collection is for educational purposes only. For more information on the REEEC Multimedia Library, please visit

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