An Update on Quad Day

MA Candidate Ryan Eavenson present at the Quad Day table

Quad Day is an annual welcome event on the Illinois campus that features over 650 student organizations, campus opportunities, local businesses and entertainment for the student community. Despite some rainy weather, the 2012 Quad Day celebration was a big success for the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center.  An estimated 12,000 students were present for the Quad Day event this year. Thus, the Russian candy went fast, and visitors to our table enjoyed the temporary flag tattoos from the many countries of our region.  Students also had the opportunity to meet Professor David Cooper, Director of REEEC, and Associate Director, Alisha Kirchoff; undergraduate advisers for Slavic and REEEC, respectively.  Additionally, we discovered many students who expressed a strong desire to improve their Russian, Ukrainian and Polish language skills through participation in the weekly conversation hour opportunities.

Quad Day is typically a great opportunity to connect with the student body at Illinois and make REEEC’s opportunities known to a broader audience. This year was no different. Thanks to the help of the organizers and REEEC MA students who helped prepare and staff the table, REEEC was able to connect with a large cross-section of the student community as the campus began a new academic year.

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