Faculty Updates on Recent Activity and Publications

On February 13, David Cooper delivered a lecture entitled“The Czech Forged Manuscripts: Mystifications and Ritual Behavior in 19th-Century Czech Patriotic Society” at the University of Chicago.  He examined the forged medieval manuscripts as key documents of Czech national mythology and the ritual and quasi-religious experiences and behaviors of Czech patriots that related to the manuscripts. These included experiences and narratives of conversion to the Czech cause, renaming and re-baptism as Czech patriots, and ritualized defenses of the authenticity of the manuscripts as a kind of confession of faith.

Anke Pinkert’s “Tender Males: Jewish Figures as Affective Archive in East German DEFA Film” appeared in Studies in Eastern European Cinema, Volume 3, Number 2, October 2012 , pp. 193-210(18).  In this article, she looks at how claims about the non-existence of Jewish victims (and thus modes of empathy and grief) persisted in DEFA’s historical imaginary despite the Holocaust’s presence in East German post-war film. Pinkert takes the concept of the emotionalized Jewish male as a new lens through which to reexamine the relationship between the Holocaust and anti-fascist memory politics in East German film.

Clifford Singer updated extrapolations of energy use patterns for various regions, one of which was the EU Former Soviet Union. His students in NPRE/GLBL 481, Writing on Technology and Security, are writing chapters in a book-length manuscript on natural gas and nuclear energy. One of these chapters is on Russia and Ukraine.

Peter B. Maggs published the 5th edition of Law and Legal System of the Russian Federation (Huntington, N.Y.: Juris Publishing, 2012) with William Burnham and the late Gennady Danilenko).

Marek Sroka published three contributions last year:  “’Forsaken and Abandoned’: The Nationalization and Salvage of Deserted, Displaced, and Private Library Collections in Poland, 1945-1948,” Library and Information History 28(4): 272-88;  “’Nations Will Not Survive Without Their Cultural Heritage’ and  Karol Estreicher: Polish Cultural Restitution Plans and the Recovery of Polish Cultural Property from the American Zone of Occupation,” The Polish Review 57(3): 3-28; and “Poland” in Timothy L. Gall and Derek M. Gleason, editors, Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations, 13th edition, vol. 5: Europe (Farmington Hills, MI: Gale): 529-550.

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