It’s a Small World After All

During the Welcome Week on August 27, the Illini Union Student Programs and Activities Office hosted a small international fair called It’s A Small World After All. A “cultural version of the Quad Day,” this event was an opportunity for cultural registered organizations, departments and resource centers on campus to promote cultural awareness and understanding of their organization and to welcome freshmen, international, and returning students to their diverse home here at Illinois. With performances in Korean drumming, Hawaiian and Tahitian hula dancing and Argentine tango, among others, the fair became a joyful celebration of Illinois’ cultural diversity.

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The Russian, East European and Eurasian Center encouraged student interest in the region by advertising campus opportunities for language acquisition, undergraduate and graduate degrees offered by our center and affiliated departments, the FLAS fellowship program, the Slavic Reference Service and the center’s conference and lecture series. The approximately 30 students who passed by our booth also had the opportunity to taste authentic Russian candy. Some even got their favorite REEE flags tattooed on the arm.

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