REEEC Reception in Boston

On Friday, November 22, 2013, our center welcomed Illinois and SRL Alumni, Research and Faculty Associates, and students for a reception at the ASEEES Annual Convention in Boston to celebrate 40 years of the Summer Research Laboratory and the Slavic Reference Service, and the ten-year anniversary of the Fisher Forum. Prof. David Cooper greeted guests with a couple of words on the past year’s achievements, most notably the extraordinary number of scholars who relied on SRL this year to make use of the library’s extraordinary collections on our region and the unique expertise of the Slavic Reference Service staff. There was also much to look forward to in the coming months, Prof. Cooper added, as REEEC will pursue its plans not only for another year of SRL but also for a second workshop on literary and scholarly translation to follow the successes of the first. As the Head of the International Studies Library at Illinois, Steven Witt buttressed confidence in the future of the Lab by announcing an imminent search for an International Area Studies librarian with significant Slavic background, who will manage SRS and SRL in the coming years. After these initial welcoming words, conversations and merriment resumed among our guests, lasting late into the night.

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