Summer 2014 FLAS Winners

Congratulations to the recipients of the Summer 2014 FLAS fellowships to support language study!

Graduate Students:

  • Benjamin Bamberger (History, Georgian)
  • Kathryn Butterworth (REEEC, Russian)
  • Ryan Eavenson (REEEC, Czech)
  • Kyle Estes (Political Science, Russian)
  • Adrianne Gorbachik (Incoming REEEC, Russian)
  • Anna A. Harbaugh (History, Yiddish)
  • Alana Holland (REEEC, Polish)
  • Eastman A. Klepper (REEEC, Turkish)
  • Emily Lipira (Incoming REEEC, Russian)
  • Scott Maltby (Slavic, Russian)
  • Thornton Miller (Music, Russian)
  • Alejandra Pires (Slavic, Russian)
  • Peter Wright (History, Turkish)

Undergraduate Student:

  • Medina Spiodic (Econ/Comm/REEEC, BCS)

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