Fall 2015 Course Offerings

The following courses will be offered in the fall to interested students.

ARTH 541: The Russian Avant-Garde
Kristin Romberg, Assistant Professor of Art History, School of Art+Design
Tuesday, 2-4:50pm, 15 Art and Design Building

Interest in art produced in Russia between 1908 and 1930 has often been motivated by the particularities of its revolutionary political context, yet interpreted in terms of Western European notions of modernism. In this seminar, we will attempt to develop a more “glocal” understanding of the work by situating it in relation to ideas like Alexander Bogdanov’s tectonic systems theory, Mikhail Bakhtin’s aesthetics of answerability, Leon Trotsky’s perpetual revolution, and Aleksei Gastev’s scientific organization of labor, as well as familiar modernist aesthetic models, such as the avant-garde, medium-specific formalism, and the Gesamtkunstwerk.

LAW 656: International Law
Francis Boyle, Professor of Law
Monday and Tuesday, 3-4:15pm

The nature, sources, and subjects of international law and its place in the control of international society; includes an examination of the law of jurisdiction, territory, recognition and succession of states, rights and immunities of states in foreign courts, diplomatic immunities, treaties, protection of citizens abroad, settlement of international disputes, war and neutrality, the United Nations, and the International Court of Justice. Please contact Prof. Boyle at fboyle(at)illinois.edu for further information.

LIS 530: REEES Bibliographic Research Methods
Christopher M Condill, Slavic Acquisitions Specialist
Friday, 2-3:50pm, 109 Graduate School of Library & Information Science

The LIS 504 prerequisite is WAIVED for this 530 section. Description: This course is designed to provide graduate students in both area and information studies with a comprehensive introduction to research techniques in the Russian & East European field. Depending on enrollment, course content is designed to cover a broad range of interests–for example, Central Asia as well as Russia–while demonstrating that many tools serve more than one specialty. The course will also discuss the resources and skills required for digital scholarship, as well as traditional approaches.

EPS 533: Global Youth & Citizenship
Linda Herrera, Professor of Politics of Education
Wednesday, 7-9pm

Discusses youth and citizenship in a global context. Covers the social construction of children and youth, the sociology of global generations, education and social media, and new youth movements in the digital age. Draws on a diversity of case studies from North America, the Middle East and North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and Latin America.

The development of this course (EPS 533) was made possible through generous support from the Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center (NRC) program. This course is a lasting outcome of a cross-center initiative for Global Informatics research and training at Illinois NRCs.

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