Spring 2016 REEES Related Course Offerings

Check out some of the REEES new courses offered Spring 2016! Register today!

LAW 657, International Human Rights Law (3 or 4 credit hours): Instructed by Prof. Francis Boyle. Studies established and developing legal rules and procedures governing the protection of international human rights, including Marxist and Third World, as well as Western, conceptions of those rights. 4 graduate hours. 3 professional hours.

REES 325, Social Media and Global Change (3 credit hours): This course will be instructed by Prof. Linda Herrera. Social media is a new frontier of politics, commerce, religion, courtship, and education. It has altered an array of social relations from statecraft to sex. The course draws on case studies from across the globe to explore the wide-ranging transformation taking place, from how people organize campaigns and mass uprisings, to ways they manage the most intimate details of their lives. Examples will be taken from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America, the US and Europe.

REES 596/496, Gen Tech, SocNet, Re-Image Race (4 credit hours): Instructed by Dr. Judith Pintar. Genetic Technologies, Social Networks and the Re-imagining of Race This seminar/practicum examines the production of genetic knowledge and the ways in which this knowledge comes into play in the collective re-imagining of ethnic and racial categories, identities and futures, ranging from the pseudoscientific racist to the utopian “post-racial.” Students will engage in collaborative research as we track in real time the dissemination of genetic and other scientific and technological discoveries through diverse networks, (social, academic, religious, and genealogical, both hobbyist and commercial). Meets with REES 496 undergraduates.

RUSS 199, Accelerated First-Year Course of Russian Language (1-5 hours): Instructed by Matthew Sutton. Appropriate for beginners. Students completing this course place into RUSS 201 the following semester. STUDENTS ENROLLING IN THIS SECTION MUST ALSO ENROLL IN THE ASSOCIATED RUSS 101 ACC SECTION.

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