REEEC Graduate Assistant Staff Highlight: Stephanie Chung

Stephanie Chung, Slavic Literatures and Languages PhD candidate and REEEC GA.

Stephanie Chung, Slavic Literatures and Languages PhD candidate and REEEC GA.

At the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center we highly value the work done by our staff, including our Graduate Assistant Staff members. For the month of February we would like to highlight the work, scholastic work, and research interests of Stephanie Chung.

Stephanie is currently a PhD candidate in the Slavic Literatures and Languages program. Stephanie has worked at REEEC since 2013 and, aside from Director David Cooper, is our most experience staff member. Her current responsibilities include managing REEEC Resources, helping with updating events on our many calendars, updating the REEEC website, working on an alumni list, helping prepare and advertise for the Summer Research Lab, and maintaining our listserv, but we frequently rely on Stephanie for much more, including her procedural knowledge of all tasks in the office and her experience with our numerous programs. Often Stephanie is called upon to help divide the workload among the GA’s and makes sure that everything is running smoothly. Stephanie is truly the backbone of the Center.

Not only does Stephanie work for the Center, but she also is a Teaching Assistant for the Slavic Department. This semester she is teaching Russian 102. In the past she has taught other sections of first year Russian and an undergraduate course on the topic of fairytales for the German Department.

Even though Stephanie finds fulfillment in her jobs on this campus, we must also remember that she is a student doing important research for her field of study. Her research looks at the portrayal of soviet life within the writings of Olga Berggolts, Lilianna Lungina, and 2015 Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexeivich. Her work delves into the questions of trauma, memory, gender, identity, genre, and changes within culture during the soviet period.

Stephanie’s future career goals are geared toward a job in the realm of higher education. She aspires to become a professor, researcher, or work for administration. She wants to continue working in the field of international education, editing, writing, researching, and advocating the importance of education in the field of humanities.

Bethany Wages is REEES M.A. at UIUC. Her focus of study is history and she is currently writing her thesis on the political evolution of Vera Zasulich. She received her B.A. in Honors/History and English Literature in 2014 at Wright State University and plans to graduate this year. She plans to attend Indiana University at Bloomington to study Information and Library Sciences in the fall of 2016. 

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