Letter from the Director

Dear REEEC Community,

As we enter into the final stretch of another busy semester, and with the annual ASEEES conference just around the corner, I would like to thank you all again for helping to make our Fall events so successful. It has been good to see so many of you during the semester, and I look forward to celebrating its end with you at our Winter Reception on December 7th.

The topic of revolutions has already begun to assert itself in our programs, as if in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolutionary year. Professor Mark Steinberg’s kickoff lecture in early September examined the utopian imagination of figures from the revolutionary period in Russia, and in late October, Alexander Rabinowitch (Indiana University, Emeritus Professor of History) reviewed his lifelong research into the Bolshevik revolution. We also marked the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution with an excellent daylong symposium to reexamine its impact, organized by Professor Zsuzsa Gille and Richard Esbenshade. Big plans are afoot to commemorate the 1917 anniversary next Fall semester, with a series of events under the title “1917/2017:  Ten Days that Shook the World/ Ten Days that Shake the Campus.” Watch for the new undergraduate course, a MillerComm lecture, a 2-day symposium in early November, exhibits, concerts, a film festival…in short, a semester-long commemoration and examination of the legacy of the Russian revolutions with big names and big events.

And in between, we still have a whole Spring semester’s worth of events to keep you going. Watch our calendar for details. We’ll begin with an expert roundtable discussion on February 2 examining “State Capacity at the Border: Relinquishing or Reinforcing Contentious Border Regions” that will examine Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and their Russian borders.

With the end of the calendar year approaching, I would like to invite those of you who are able to remember REEEC in your end-of-year giving. As you may know, we have had to suspend the travel grant program for graduate students, which relies on gift funds, this semester. Thank you to those who responded to the call for gifts to refund this important program, which enables graduate students to gain critical professional experience presenting their work at conferences by providing $200 toward their expenses. We have not yet, however, reached a sufficient level of funding to restart the grant program. Knowing the generosity of the REEEC community, I am confident that we will be able to soon.

Warmest wishes,

David Cooper

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