REEEC faculty participating in IPRH research clusters for 2017-2018

Every year the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities funds a select group of research clusters on campus. Research clusters are groups of faculty and graduate students from the University of Illinois campus who work together to explore particular questions or subjects in the humanities and arts.

This year, several REEEC-affiliated faculty will have projects funded by IPRH. John Randolph (Associate Professor, History and new director of REEEC) will be serving as director for the research cluster entitled “Digital Editorial Practice and the Humanities Classroom: Creating New Publishing Capabilities for Higher Education.” Eugene M. Avrutin (Associate Professor, History) and Harriet Murav (Professor, Slavic Languages and Literatures and Editor of Slavic Review)¬†will be co-directors of the research cluster entitled “New Directions in Eastern European Jewish Culture.” Judith Pintar (Visiting Associate Professor, Sociology) will be serving as co-director of the research cluster entitled “Playful by Design (Imagining America Cluster).” Click here to visit the “Playful by Design” website.

For more information on this academic year’s research clusters, please click here.

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