Publicly Available Online Curriculum from REEEC

Looking for activities for children who are home from school? Learn about Russia, eastern Europe, and Eurasia! REEEC has publicly available curriculum on our region for students ranging from pre-school age to high school:…/k-…/curricula-and-lesson-plans/

To access each curriculum, please fill out a simple webform for our grant reporting records. Once you submit the form, you will gain access to the requested curriculum. For example, the link to access our Head Start curriculum (learning about a country and a hands-on craft) for pre-school students is…/headstart-curriculum-form/. For high school students, our “Rivers of Siberia and the Russian Far East” is a popular social studies/geography curriculum module:…/rivers-of-siberia-and-the-r…/.

Most NRCs (National Resources Centers) on campus have similarly available curriculum online. Please visit the curriculum and resource pages for the Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies, Center for Global Studies, and the European Union Center for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Porter, REEEC Outreach and Programming Coordinator, at

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