European Migrant Crisis Resource List


The Guardian’s Migration site 

Video: Where are the Syrian Refugees?

Documentary “Neuland” (POV, PBS): Mr. Zingg’s integration class in Switzerland, these migrants from Afghanistan, Cameroon, Serbia and Venezuela already have long and arduous journeys behind them. Neuland(“New Territory”) follows the adolescents over two years as they struggle to learn a new language, prepare themselves for employment and reveal their innermost hopes and dreams. 

Watch online until 9/16; w/educational materials (Lesson Plan, Discussion Questions, Reading List)

01/02/16 CNNGermany Asylum Rules Europe

09/27/15 Aljazeera, The Refugee’s Passage to Europe

09/27/15 Vox World, The Syrian Refugee Crisis, Explained In One Map

09/28/15 The New York Times, The Migrant Crisis in Europe: Readers’ Questions Answered

09/25/15 The Guardian (Opinion Piece), The Refugee Crisis Gives Europe The Chance To Evolve 

09/25/15 BBC, Europe Gets 8,000 Refugees Daily

01/28/16 BBC, Migrant Crisis, Migration to Europe Explained In Graphics 

09/22/15 The New York Times, Plan on Migrants Strains the Limits of European Unity

09/09/15 NPR, Surge Of Refugees In Europe Could Be Just The First Wave

09/09/15 NPR, Gulf States Taking Heat For Not Resettling Syrian Refugees

09/08/15 NPR, The Migrant Crisis By The Numbers 

09/09/15 Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, EU Proposes Refugee Crisis Plan

09/09/15 RFERL, EU Commission Chief Unveils Mandatory Migration Crisis Plan

09/09/2015 RFERL, Central Europe’s Short Memory On Refugees


Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy

09/11/15Thesis on Migration Crisis

05/2010Thesis on Seasonal Migration

Resource Page for Migration Crisis

07/15/2015 Migration Glossary (in Greek)

Panels and Roundtables 

10/01/15 Indiana University, Roundtable Discussion “Europe’s Refugee Crisis

12/02/15 Council for European Studies, “Framing Migration Rhetoric and Reality in Europe” series, several pieces

12/02/15 Kennedy Center (at BYU), Panel Discussion “Syrian Refugee Crisis

10/13/15 Berkeley, Panel “Migrant Crisis in Europe

10/22/15 Berkeley, Panel “The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Regionalism, Race and Reform in the EU and US

11/03/15 NYU , Panel blog post “CEMS Discusses the Migrant Crisis


Academic Pieces and Resources

Zahra, Tara (History, UC) “The Return of No-Man’s Land: Europe’s Asylum Crisis and Historical Memory

UIUC Migration Guides, Central Asian Sovereignty in the Face of Massive Dislocation

Josef Borocz’s Personal Blog, Global Social Change 

News Sources and OP-Eds by Region


Denmark Statistics of Immigrants

Denmark Statistics of Asylum Seekers and Residency Permits

The Local, “Denmark Grants Asylum to Nine of Ten Refugees”

EurActiv, “Denmark Advertises How Bad The Country is to Refugees”

The Guardian, “Denmark to Slash Benefits for Asylum Seekers in Attempt to Deter Refugees”

BBC, “Migrant Crisis: Denmark MP Consider Seizing Valuables”


Quota changes

Acquiring asylum and quotas in Finland

11/2015 Washington Post, Humanitarian Story of those arriving in Tornio, “End of The Line”  

09/30/15 Yahoo News, “Finland Suddenly Top Choice for Iraqi Migrants


General, Finnish acceptance of asylum seekers

Hostility towards refugees/migrants

Statistics on asylum seekers and refugees

Finnish demographics:

Kurds in Finland- an example of previous immigration experiences.



BBC, “Migrant Crisis: People Treated “Like Animals” In Hungary Camp”  Article and Video

Mother Jones, Photo Essay, “21 Photos That Capture the Heartbreak of Europe’s Refugee Crisis”

NPR, “Stranded In Hungarian Camps, Migrants Press To Leave”

CNN, Hungarian Camerwoman Kicks, Trips Refugees (video)

The Guardian, “Hungary Closes Main Budapest Station To Refugees”

Open Democracy, “Looking Through the Fence: Hungary’s Refugee Psyche”

12/18/15 Hungarian Spectrum, “Hungarian’s Fear of Migrants and Terrorism”



Book, Philip L. Martin, “Germany: Reluctant Land of Immigration”

The European Crisis and Migration to Germany: Expectations and the Diversion of Migration Flows Simone Bertoli, University of Auvergne; CERDI  Herbert Brücker, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin); Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga Foundation for Applied Economic Research (FEDEA); Instituto de Análisis Económic (IAE) Barcelona

BBC, “EU Migrant Crisis: Germany Sends Migrants Back to Austria

Yahoo News, German Minister Proposes Europe Petrol Tax to Pay For Migrant Crisis 


Sexual Assaults in Germany 

BBC, “EU Migrant Crisis: Germany Sends Migrants Back to Austria”

The Economist, “Cologne’s Aftershocks”

The Daily Beast, “Why We Can’t Stay Silent on Germany’s Mass Sex Assaults” 

Breitbart, “Cologne Police Have Now Received Over 1,000 Complaints After New Year’s Sexual Assaults” 

Breitbart, “German Gun Ownership Skyrockets to 301,000 in Response to Migrant Crisis”


IBT, “How Enterprising Greeks Are Profiting From Europes’s Refugee Crisis and Creating a Multimillion-Dollar Industry

The Guardian, Migrants Try To Charge Macedonian Police Lines At Greek Border 

Balkans Region

BBC, Migrant Crisis: Explaining The Exodus From The Balkans