REEEC Director, David Cooper, Welcomes the New Spring Semester

David Cooper, photo: Ian Willoughby

David Cooper, photo: Ian Willoughby

Dear Colleagues and Friends of REEEC,

As I write, classes are just getting going again for what promises to be a busy and rewarding Spring semester. I hope that all of you enjoyed a relaxing and refreshing winter break and return ready to dive right in to classes, lectures, and other events.

With three Noontime Scholars lectures and four New Directions lectures, in addition to a pair of relevant visitors to the Program in Jewish Studies, there is sure to be something for everyone on the REEEC calendar this semester. So have a look and save the dates for the lectures you want to hear. In addition, a highlight for this semester will be the MillerComm lecture by Karen Dawisha on “Putin’s Russia: The past and future of Kleptocracy” on April 21. Be sure to put it on your calendar and invite your friends.

Thanks to the generous support of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and private donors, we are again taking applications for funded participants in the Summer Research Laboratory. The application recently went live, so tell your colleagues and friends to apply to come to CU in the summer to advance their research (they can also come on their own funding, of course). The highlight of the first week of the summer lab will again be Fisher Forum, this year on the topic of “Population, Health, and Social Change in Eurasia” as planned and organized by Cynthia Buckley.

Summer research will this year for the first time also include something for undergraduates. We are planning an “Undergraduate Area Studies Research Workshop” for the week of May 16th. A formal announcement will come soon, as well as details about applications. If you know of undergraduates with research topics or papers that would benefit from the broader multidisciplinary perspective of area studies, please encourage them to apply for this mentored research opportunity.

Best wishes to all for a fulfilling and productive 2016!

David Cooper

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